Nyoni Couture: Bespoke Tailored Suiting, Italian Footwear, Quality Ties, and Outstanding Dress Shirts for Men

Based in Charlotte NC but displaying a distinctly global outlook, Nyoni Couture is a luxury clothing brand offering tailor-made suiting, footwear, neck ties, and ready to wear dress shirts for men.

With an eclectic and cosmopolitan approach to classical bespoke tailoring, Nyoni Couture aims to transcend boundaries and blur lines – whether these be sartorial or demographic. Indeed, the man who wears Nyoni Couture does not belong to any particular class or social group; nor does he come from a specific cultural background or geographical region. Whatever his origins, the Nyoni Couture wearer is a man of the world.

What unites the Nyoni gentleman in all his diverse incarnations is a certain panache; a unique vibe. Those who dress in Nyoni Couture never go unnoticed.

Our Products and Services

The products we offer here at Nyoni Couture span the full range of bespoke, made to measure, and ready-to-wear men’s clothing. Whatever the method of fabrication, we pride ourselves on crafting stylish garments that far exceed common expectations of quality and fit.

For example, we strive to produce ready-to-wear dress shirts that fit and feel as if they were a made to measure product. Similarly, our genuinely made to measure suits offer a level of quality, style, and fit commensurate to much more expensive items from the world’s leading bespoke tailors.

One Stitch At A Time


Whichever kind of item you choose, what renders Nyoni Couture truly unique among even many of the best American menswear brands is the level of personalized service we provide – both in our flagship Charlotte NC store and, as much as possible, when shopping online. Just as a bespoke garment is carefully fabricated to fit the wearer’s physique, every Nyoni Couture customer’s experience is tailored to meet their specific needs.

Whether purchasing a fully bespoke suit, a classic mens dress shirt, or even a single neck tie, we view the relationship with our customers as a collaboration. One that takes time to establish and to develop.

Indeed, our motto is “one stitch at a time.” Not only does this phrase refer to the slow and meticulous manufacturing process that all our garments undergo, but it is also how we view our responsibility to our customers: one of unhurried cooperation and a close attention to detail.

In order to provide true satisfaction, we first need to get to know you. This means listening carefully; taking into consideration your personal tastes and preferences at every step of the way. One customer at a time.

Our online store offers a wide selection of suits, jackets, ties and dress shirts for men. However, to be fully appreciated, Nyoni Couture should be experienced in the flesh. As a dedicated style aficionado, Nyoni derives the greatest pleasure from making his customers look their absolute best. In order to benefit from Nyoni’s sartorial expertise, please visit our contact page to book a fitting today.